Beasts of Burden - our complex relationship with animals

An Art Exhibition Curated by Jane O’Hara


Moira McLaughlin will screen Dogs in Art. The video is a tribute to sixty artists working over a period of five thousand years, who have found inspiration in their canine muses. Dogs in Art is viewed through the mouth of Denise Lindquist’s furry soft sculpture DogMac, a transformed iMac G-4.

Narrated by James Cromwell, Mercy For Animals’ short documentary Farm to Fridge is hidden and displayed behind Jane O’Hara’s painted screen Sacrifice, bringing into focus our ability to turn a blind eye to the injustice to these animals.

A video of a little lost lamb is displayed on another of Lindquist’s G-4 iMac transformations, the LambMac opens its mouth to reveal Bea who seems to live in a suburban home, loved, doted on, and a great source of amusement yet so alienated to her natural habitat.

Beasts of Burden videos

"The relationship between humanity and animals is on full display at the gallery, where Unbound Visual Arts based in Allston-Brighton, has organized an exhibit in collaboration with guest curator Jane O’Hara and the Newton-based New Art Center."

Harvard Gazette, Jennifer Doody, Harvard Correspondent