Beasts of Burden - our complex relationship with animals

An Art Exhibition Curated by Jane O’Hara


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Sacrifice by Jane O'Hara

"Jane O'Hara's painted screen Sacrifice, blends the plight of animals, mindless consumerism and Western religious thought as it attires its subjects with liturgical vestments adorned with corporate logos. The painting acts as a prism which poses the existential question of whether a visit to a fast-food restaurant or circus, or purchasing items tested on animals is tantamount to a betrayal of our most sacred, biblically rooted obligation to be good stewards of the Earth and all its creatures. O'Hara's Sacrifice upholds this unholy alliance as sacred by virtue of the questions it invariably asks. Sacrifice holds a unique place in the annals of thought-provoking, contemporary art."

Lewis M. Randa, Founder/Director, The Life Experience School and The Peace Abbey Foundation