Beasts of Burden - our complex relationship with animals

An Art Exhibition Curated by Jane O’Hara


Untitled 1

Tony Bevilacqua


Ariel Bordeaux

Blindsight XI

Nancy Diessner

Buddha Cat

Karen Fiorito

La Confianza

Raul Gonzalez III


Adonna Khare

Fierce Wolf

Wendy Klemperer

Albino Octopus

Denise Lindquist

Ron, Resident of Save the Chimps

Jo-Anne McArthur


Moira McLaughlin



The Rabbit Hole

Jane O'Hara

Laika’s Lullaby (animation still), video, 6:31, 2015

Julia Oldham

Rabbit, Rabbit, Fox, Rabbit

Gedas Paskauskas

Fire, Flight, Fall, Forward

Jennifer Wynne Reeves

Once Upon a Time

Corinna Schnitt

"Both the individual and collaborative efforts within the exhibition speak to the polarities of the human-animal relationship, covering every length of the spectrum from deep love and respect to a palpable sense of anxiety, guilt and even outrage regarding crimes perpetrated against the defenseless species."

Artscope Magazine March 13, 2014