Beasts of Burden - our complex relationship with animals

An Art Exhibition Curated by Jane O’Hara

Animals have played an important yet complex role in our lives. Humans have hunted and bred animals for food, feared them as predators, revered them as spiritual beings, enlisted them as laborers, sacrificed them in scientific experiments, and prized them as pampered pets.

With their innate curiosity and unselfconscious joy of life, they can be enlisted to fill the void in our lives where human interaction and connection to nature is inhibited. Their beauty and otherness has inspired multiple reactions—pure appreciation, the desire to own them, mold them, steal their horns and hides, and train them to entertain us.

In BEASTSOFBURDEN, the curator Jane O’Hara joins this group of artists working in diverse media to examine our complicated connections to these creatures and the many ways they are entwined in our lives and psyches.

Jane O'Hara's Curatorial Statement

Beasts of Burden art exhibit

"We were very moved by these thought-provoking and diverse works."

Vicki Croke of WBUR's The Animalist